Tell Me About Your Writing Process.

Linn: I spend about 6 months on each book I write. Three months on the planning and research phrase and then three months in the actual writing. I work very hard to make my characters 3 dimensional.

Are You A Plotter or a Panzier?

Linn: While I appreciate writers who literally create from the seat of their pants, in addition the research I do for each book, I’m a plotter weaving in Red Herrings, burying clues and I work hard to maximize each scene with sizzle.

Where do you get your ideas?

Linn: Lights, Camera. Murder!-I’m a reality show junkie, and I wondered what would happen if a real murder took place on a reality show. It helped my husband used to be in the movie industry.

In Your Cheatin Hearts was inspired by a silly conversation about my friend’s cheating ex-husband; hence, a private detective agency that specialized in cheating husbands.

In my upcoming Cold River Murders, sequel to Lights, Camera, Murder! my heroine is a K-9 Search and Rescue Handler, like me.

Tell me more about the research that goes into each book?

I will go to the ends of the earth to make sure my research is accurate. I’ve taken classes on poisons, how to handle and shoot a gun and been on ghost tours inSt. Augustine for Haunted Hearts. The most hair-raising research was taking a trip on an airboat down the St. Johns River. The driver came straight from central casting wanted to show off.

So off we went, full speed 7 foot albumin frame airboat with an airplane engine propelling us forward at breakneck speeds. Readers will experience a bit of ride in Pirate in Paradise where my heroine escapes into the Everglades on an airboat. Me…I’m still shaking.

You seem to do it all, but in what category do you classify your writing?

While Your Cheatin Hearts is a romantic comedy and Haunted Hearts a ghost story, you will find an underlying mantle of suspense. I consider myself first and foremost an author of suspense and mystery.

What advise would you give to young ?

There has never been a better time for writer but first take time to learn your trade, go to conferences, read books about writing and it’s important to learn the publishing industry. Learn how books are sold. Believe in yourself and believe in your dream.

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