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Haunted Hearts

3.5 STARS!

Devin's talent for communicating with ghosts keeps her life interesting and busy, but her latest case will be perhaps the most challenging, hence, the most rewarding, yet. Not only is she investigating and dealing with a possibly haunted inn, but the owner does not believe in the paranormal. Among the ghosts allegedly making life difficult is one that is evil. However, the owner, Stuart Evans, is a jerk, in Devin's eyes, and has his doubts about the validity of such things as spooks. Yet, the sparks that flicker between the two of them are real, as are the ghosts. Over the course of Devin's task, the passionate dislike turns into something far more pleasant. Business must come at least slightly ahead of pleasure, though, and Devin has a whole houseful of ghosts to help.

Even if there had not been a delightful romance, the ghosts alone make this worth the read. From a flapper seeking truth to a movie star, to a host of others who turn up before the story ends, the spooks steal the show. This is one that anyone who likes a spirited story, pun intended, dare not miss.

Amanda, Eternal Nights Reader Reviews



Devin O’Shea works at Pandora’s Box where they carry lots of books on ghost.

Stuart Evans, the new owner of Somerset Inn, does not believe in any silly ghosts.

Roxy McClannahan meets Devin on the ghost tour.

Devin learns on the ghost tour that almost eighty years ago a 1920’s flapper girl was murdered and frigid air races through her body. St. Augustine’s most popular Ghost Tour brings people in droves in around Halloween. Somerset Inn, one of the most haunted Inns in America, is on the ghost tour. Roxy tells Devin she is the woman the tour driver mentioned being murdered. She knows Devin has waited a long time for a personal ghost experience and now she has her chance. After Roxy takes Devin on the property of Somerset Inn, Stuart informs she is trespassing. He wants his Inn removed from that blasted tour. When Roxy and Devin enlist Stuart and others on their ghost hunt, a barrage of ghosts and ghost-like weeping sounds hail from within the Inn that really spirals the stairwell.

Haunted Hearts ensues with gentle passion as the reader is glued to the seat of the chair almost experiencing the same ghost-like effects. Devin’s bold ways and Stuart as a warm debonair hero are refreshing characters and this reader was wrapped up in their emotions and actions. The additions of the secondary characters really lend realistic scope to the storyline. Ms. Random instills intrigue and romance in this tantalizing story. Great banter and wit, with some frightening moments, she pens a terrific read in this intense drama. Having visited St. Augustine, she definitely hits the nail on the head with a lot of things that she focuses on in the book where the reader feels the complete ambience of the area.

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Pirates in Paradise

4 cupids

4.5 cupids
Reviewer:  Ulrike
Date:  October 2005

When Jenna is hunted by the Columbian drug cartel her twin sister Haley jumps in and goes into protective custody to give her sister the time she needs to arrange her affairs. After her hiding place is betrayed to the drug cartel and most of the FBI agents and marshals who protected her are killed Haley is entrusted to Jack Morgan's protection.

Jack Morgan, a dark, tall but bitter pirate looking hunk, is in a Witness Protection Program himself. The former manager of a luxurious Las Vegas hotel casino has ended up the owner of a bait shop, bar and boat rental in the Everglades.

At first Jack thinks Haley is the spoiled, unscrupulous but very beautiful and enticing lover of a Columbian drug lord. Haley, on the other hand, assumes Jack is after her sister's money so she didn't dare reveal her true identity in order to protect Jenna. Therefore, both don't trust each other. Nevertheless, Jack and Haley's attraction grows, especially when they discover by degrees their well hidden true selves. When the drug dealers come after Haley Jack is the only one who stands between her and her fate.

Linn Random wrote a fast paced race through South Florida and the feelings of her heroes. She delivers a very intense description of Jack's feelings who is embittered because of the loss of his former life and torn between his rejection of Haley and his increasing attraction to her. Haley is a very likeable character, a brave woman who tries to protect her twin sister and everyone else as much as possible. Linn Random very insightfully narrated Haley's inner conflict where she doesn't trust Jack and suffers from his misconception about her character. Nevertheless, she is sympathetic and can't prevent her fast growing feelings towards Jack. With the sparks flying from the beginning - even when Jack and Haley are surrounded from danger - and the surprising twists of the story, Pirates in Paradise is a suspenseful romance full of action which keeps a hold of the reader until the last line.