diannenogueras writes "LIGHTS, CAMERA, MURDER BY LINN RANDOM

February 2005

182 Pages
5 Stars

Lights, Camera, Murder by Linn Random, is a spine-tingling suspense filled sensual romance. This story combines suspense with the most titillating sexual tension between the two main characters that it kept me riveted and at the edge of my seat.Jon Maddux is the Chief of Police of the small coastal town of St. Gabrielle, Florida. When McMasters Studios decided to film their, popular reality show Murder in Florida, in St. Gabrielle, Jon was opposed. He did not want his small quiet town over run with Hollywood people and for it to become a tourist attraction; well that is, until he has the opportunity to meet Sage McCall the head of security on the production set. Will Jon be able to keep his cold “business only” demeanor? Moreover, will he allow Sage to show him that not all people in the entertainment industry are all bad?Sage McCall is the head of security on the set of the much-anticipated Reality show Murder in Florida. Sage is one of three daughters of the famous Jack McCall, the owner and founder of a prestige’s security firm in Los Angeles. Sage is very aware of the Chief of Police’s strong dislike for the production company, and she knows the he tolerates them because he has to. When Sage has to wake him up in the middle of the night to report a murder on the production set, the last thing she expects when Jon walks onto the set is to feel this strong attraction for the gorgeously rugged Chief of Police. Will Sage be able to put aside some of these intense feelings in order to help find the killer? Linn Random is a wonderfully talented and creative author. Lights, Camera, Murder is a story that begins with a murder on a television production set. It instantly grasps you; then keeps you riveted and guessing as to who the killer is. There is even one point when all clues lead to one person, and you, the reader think, that you got it, well then comes Ms. Random’s ingenuity to foil your solution and expose a completely different twist. Ms. Random also has the delicious ability to intertwine a heartwarming love story in the midst of this murder. I am eagerly awaiting the next book in this series; I hope it will be about Mallory McCall, one of Sages sisters. If you, like me love a suspense packed story, with a little romance then this book is for you. You will not be disappointed.

Dianne Nogueras
Reviewer for eCata Romance




February 2005

Genre: Suspense
182 pages
Rating: 5 CUPS

Keeping on top of the security for the film set is driving Sage McCall to breaking point. It seems that someone has a grudge against the production team. She is unsure of whom to trust. Because of all the strange occurrences, the local Sheriff has become involved and Sage finds herself strangely attracted to him.

Sheriff Jon Maddux is a very private person and hates it when anything upsets his quiet life. The film crew has done just that. Now he must solve a crime that is puzzling everyone and also try to fight his growing attraction to Sage McCall. While he distrusts everyone involved in the filming, this does not stop him from trying to seduce her.

Ms. Random has delivered a story full of suspense. I absolutely enjoyed how this story was written. It kept me on the edge of my seat until the end. I also liked these characters: Sage, who is full of sass and just the right amount of courage, and Jon, who is the epitome of a hard-nosed, tough cop that demands things go his way-and if they do not? Well, find a place to hide while he roars. These two characters are the perfect complement to each other and a totally intriguing story.


I thoroughly enjoyed the characters in this book and the way it was written. It kept me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next twist or turn.

Thank you very much for writing such a gripping story.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Interviewer for Coffee Time Romance


5 Angel Review and Recommended Read from Fallen Angel


Lights, Camera, Murder! immediately grabs readers’ attention and then gradually pulls them deeper as the suspense mounts. The initial murder and attack is augmented by the underlying threat to Sage. As Jon and Sage work diligently to track down the murderer, they are unaware that the murderer is tracking them. This adds tension and ensures that readers are hooked. As the events escalate, with the ever-present danger becoming more menacing, readers have to keep reading. The author compliments the suspense with entertaining secondary characters and the developing romance between Jon and Sage. I appreciate how the author accentuated the growing attraction between them without compromising their professional integrity. These are two individuals that have strengths and weaknesses, but try and do their best. Their dilemma as to what will happen once they go back to their real lives; she in California and he in Florida, will keep romance fans absorbed in the building storyline. Lights, Camera, Murder! finishes with flare and has this reviewer anticipating the next in the series, The Cold River Murders.

Reviewed by: Amanda-Fallen Angel


5 Unicorns Enchanted in Romance

Lights, Camera. Murder! is such a good book I did not want it to end. This is a page turner; Jon and Sage are very strong characters and pulled me into the story from the first page. Need to read a good book? Then pick up Lights, Camera. Murder!


Rondy-Reviewer for Enchanted In Romance



Romance Reviews Today- Patti Fischer-"I highly recommend this book"

St. Gabrielle, Florida ~ Present Day

A TV reality show called Murder in Florida has come to the small, sleepy town of St. Gabrielle. Chief of Police Jon Maddux isn’t happy with all the commotion the Hollywood production has brought to his town, but he has no say in the matter. He just hopes they will quietly finish and leave town soon.

Sage McCall is in charge of security for the show and is distressed when a crew member is found dead and another critically injured on the Murder in Florida set.  She wishes the police, especially Chief Maddux, didn’t have to get involved, but she has no choice; a man has been murdered. As the investigation begins, Sage has to keep control of the production -- and keep her mind off the handsome Chief.

It’s soon evident that there are murky things going on. Many of the cast and crew get sick with food poisoning, and an attempt is made on Sage’s life. Who is responsible and why? Will it lead to real life paralleling the TV show?  During the investigation, Jon and Sage grow closer as they realize that they have more in common than they originally thought. Once they find the culprit, will they be able to pursue a relationship, despite their careers being on opposite coasts?

LIGHTS, CAMERA, MURDER! is a spine tingling romantic suspense set against the backdrop of the Florida coast and a reality TV show. Sage is smart and able to take care of herself, as well as others. Finding a crew member dead, she has conflicting emotions; she has to call the police in, but can she keep her feelings for Jon on a safe level? Jon has his own mixed feelings; he thinks Sage is a fluffy Hollywood type who has no business being in police business. It doesn’t take him long to change his mind. The two have great chemistry together and make LIGHTS, CAMERA, MURDER! sparkle with intensity and emotion.

Linn Random has created characters that will grab your attention and a plot that will make you shiver. Intermixed are descriptive scenes of life on the Florida coast. I swear I could taste Fried Alligator along with the heroine in one scene. Fairly short at one hundred fifty pages, I would have loved to have had spent more time on the burgeoning romance between Sage and Jon. The dramatic climax to LIGHTS, CAMERA, MURDER! will have readers on the edge of their seats. I won’t give away a spoiler, but it brought back memories to me of a certain blockbuster scary movie and the chills it gave me. Read LIGHTS, CAMERA, MURDER! and you will see what I mean.

Action-packed, along with a sweet romance, LIGHTS, CAMERA, MURDER! is a book I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer

Romance Reviews Today


Rae Monet:

Set against the backdrop of a Reality TV Show, Lights, Camera! Murder is a fast paced romantic suspense that sizzles with a smart, sophisticated plot. This sexy thriller is filled with unique characters and snappy dialogue. The hero and heroine will draw readers into sensual romance that breaks all the rules; all the while introducing you to a villain who is complex and completely insane.  Riveting, this steamy novel presents the classic hunter-hunted plots with a masterful storyline that showcases Florida's most beautiful and most dangerous regions from pristine beaches to dark alligator infested swamps.  So huddle up with your favorite nightlight and box of chocolates; because Lights, Camera. Murder is a delicious read that will leave you breathless.


Rating:  4 Ribbons

As Chief of Security, Sage McCall is used to dealing with problems. On the set of "Murder In Florida", a television show being filmed in small town St. Gabrielle, problem is an understatement. Evan Davis, the lighting gaffer for the reality-based show is found dead—with an arrow protruding from his chest.

The dead gaffer is merely the first of Sage’s problems. As the daughter of legendary ex-stuntman, Jack McCall, a man who owns one of the most prominent and prestigious security firms in the nation, trouble is the one thing that his employees attempt to avoid—at all costs. For Sage, that means quickly and quietly notifying the local Chief of Police, Jon Maddux. It wouldn’t be such a chore, if not for the fact, that on their first meeting, Chief Maddux oh-so-lovingly referred to Sage as Malibu Barbie.

What follows is an edge-of-your-seat ride into the goings-on at a film set; the inner-workings and head-butting of a small town Mayor and his constituents, a neurotic director, and a studio desperate to regain its standings in the television world.

With too many suspects, food poisoning, a local infestation of sharks, and an unlikely sexual tension building between Sage and Jon, LIGHTS, CAMERA, MURDER! is a fun romp into a world of lies, deception, and insanity. Ms. Random does an excellent job of making this romantic suspense story into a mini-drama, one full of humor and sarcasm in all the right places.

I look forward to her next foray into this genre.

Jennifer Wardrip


The Romance Studio

A wonderful who-done-it! I was glued to the chapters and had no hint to who it was - even at the end I was surprised. I'm sure readers will be also. The author has given the readers a good story and do hope we see more of her work, She has given us a hint there will be more at the end of this one.

Overall rating: 5 HEARTS
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Louise Riveiro-Mitchell

The Romance Studio


Lights, Camera, Murder!

Mystery/Suspense | Romantic Erotica | Romantic Suspense

Linn Random





When I was asked to read Lights, Camera, Murder! by Linn Random, I kept putting it next on my "to be read" list, adding new books in front of it as I'm not really a mystery reader; the whole who-done-it plot drives me crazy. Usually within a few chapters, you already know the Who and the why behind the crime. Not many authors can put mystery and romance together and make it work. Most romantic suspense stories lack either character development, or the tension necessary to build the suspense and/or the romance necessary for the story. However, I do have one series that I read, one that I just cannot wait for the next book to come out. So after reading the blurb I thought I would give this one a chance. I was hoping it would not be a waste of my reading time like so many other romantic suspense stories have been in the past. When I did start reading Lights, Camera, Murder!, I was sorry I had put it on the back burner for so long.

Sand Point Inn is the perfect setting for a make-believe murder TV show. Isolated and surrounded by water on three sides, attached to the mainland by a tiny piece of land that serves as a natural bridge. Dark foreboding swamps stood as twin sentinels on either side of the roadway. The perfect place for a murder? Indeed.

McCall Security is handling the security for the TV production now in progress and Sage McCall is the heir-apparent for her father's successful company out of Los Angeles. However, when people start turning up dead and missing, it all takes a turn from make-believe to reality for Sage. Dealing with Jon Maddux, the Police Chief of this quiet Florida town just might be the death of her though. He made it very clear that the film and cast were not welcome in his town.

The mystery part of this book really keeps you guessing from the first murder scene. However, was it really murder or was it just a plot leading up to something better? You are always trying to figure out who-done-it and why. As the person plots the next phase of their plan, you start questioning yourself over what is really happening.

When Sage finds herself daydreaming about Jon, picturing the tall, tanned, good-looking man, she knows she is in trouble. As Jon watches Sage more and more, she drives him to the edge of no return. Can they fight the feelings they are having in order to find the person behind the events taking place? Or will those feelings be too much for them both to deny? The romance part of this book is good because it gradually leads up to something unforgettable. It's not rushed and doesn't dominate the story, as many other romantic-mysteries do. You get to see and feel the emotions involved from both leading characters. However, when the romance takes off, you are drawn right in.

Linn Random has written a great romantic-suspense story with Lights, Camera, Murder!. She has combined the two genres to make a story not soon to be forgotten. The only problem I found in this book is the editing. Simple things that should have been caught on the first read through. However, even with the minor editing problems the story grabs your interest so that you forget everything but the great plot Linn Random has going. This is the first of a series, and I for one will be looking for the next installment.

Reviewed by Tammy Adams
© September 2005





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