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Pirates in Paradise

Haley Rollins goes to visit her twin, Jenna and finds her scared and crying.  She begs her to come home to sort everything out, but Jenna wants her to take her place for a few days.  When a knock at the door comes, Jenna heads off for the bathroom and leaves Haley to face the FBI.  Thinking that she is her twin, they take her out of the room and rush her off to a safe house.  Apparently Jenna is supposed to be a witness against her boyfriend who is the head of a drug Kartel.  When the safe house is attacked Frank, an FBI agent gets her out and hands her over to his friend while Frank is taken off to the hospital.  Jack is a handsome, modern day pirate and having Haley around is going to messing his libido.  Attracted to her on the one side, needing to protect her for his friend’s sake, and on the other side, wanting her in his bed, Jack certainly has his hands full.  Haley is wondering if she can trust him with her secret and most of all with her heart. 

Linn Random has written a fast paced, exciting story with lots of sexual tension and a wonderful love story.  She certainly knows how to keep her reader guessing, captivating her from the first page on and holding the fascination until the very last page.  Ms Random writes realistic, multi-dimensional characters that the reader can relate to and root for.  The action keeps the reader turning the cyber-pages, and the love scenes are tender, sensual and romantic.  The reader will be surprised to find out that not all the bad guys are so bad, and not all the good guys are so good.  This is a story that will thrill the reader and give her warm fuzzies at the end.  This reviewer has read most Linn Random’s books and has highly enjoyed them.  Definitely a recommended read, Ms Random has opened up her own publishing company to get her books out to her readers.  This title is also available in print.  This reviewer has been watching this outstanding writer’s career and is pleased to see her books available to all and looks forward to read more from this talented author.

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Pirates in Paradise

Haley Rollins hopes this trip is not just another wild goose chase of her twin sister, Jenna. This time Haley sees concern heavily stamped on Jenna’s face. Jenna cannot confide the circumstances to Haley but she needs Haley to trade places with her just for a couple of days. Before Haley can blink, she is standing in front of Frank Porter, U.S. Marshall. When she tries to explain she isn’t Jenna, she finds herself joined with Jack Morgan and discovers that Jenna was the one to call the Feds for help. Jack Morgan is not FBI or U.S. Marshall; instead he is in the witness protection program for witnessing a mob hit in Vegas and testifying against the shooter. Now Frank has put Jack there for her protection. Haley doesn’t have eight million dollars but the Feds believe she does. She doesn’t even know why Jenna is mixed up in all this mess but now the Feds seem to think that she is her sister. Haley wishes she had probed more into Jenna’s life with Ricky. She also wished Jenna’s whereabouts. Now Haley is being watched over by Jack because of Ricky Roja. Ricky and Jenna were a hot couple but now he wishes her dead. Since they mistake Haley for Jenna, she needs to be constantly under guard. Haley doesn’t know why Ricky wants Jenna dead if he loved her. All Haley knows is, she is running for her life from the head of the cartel because of a mistaken identity.

Pirates in Paradise is one juicy page-turner. The characters grab a hold of the reader and stick like glue. With action packed drama, Haley and Jack’s emotions soar through the Florida coastline in a rip-roaring read that captivates. Jack’s past life dances through the pages and allows this reader to be touched by his in-depth emotions and feelings. Haley’s courage to help her sister is well-noted. Oh, my, Jack is one hot, delicious guy who oozes with chemistry. The dialogue that he and Haley share is exhilarating. I could almost feel the sound of his voice leap from the pages and the way his love begins slowly only to escalate is tremendous. Ms. Random delivers impeccable writing giving the reader the complete sensations and feel of the surroundings, even to the ambiance of the tropical breeze with the scent of the Hibiscus and exotic flowers. She intersects a fantastic plot with a touch of mystery and a surprising twist that kept this reader on the edge of her seat in this recommended read!!

Reviewed by: Linda L.


 5 Fallen Angels

Review by Wendi, Fallen Angels Reviews

Need a pirate? Call Captain Jack Morgan!

Jack Morgan is just the man Haley needs to protect her. Jack is the only man outside of the U.S. Marshals who knows about the dirty cop in their midst - Frank Porter told him all about it. Jack also must protect her from Ricky Rojas, called the Angel De La Morte, who is the head of a drug cartel. Jack is in the witness protection program, while Haley is running from the drug cartel who thinks she is her twin sister Jenna. Her sister Jenna was Ricky Roja's lover and love of his life, so why is he trying to kill the woman he loves? Fraught with danger and intrigue from the get-go, the fast-moving plot makes this one of the better suspense stories out there so far this year.

One of my favorite parts of Pirates in Paradise is when they had some time to kill before meeting her sister. They are visiting a museum when Jack realizes that he is starting to fall in love with Hayley. He buys her a necklace with an ancient coin on it so she can remember the time they had together. He also realizes he will do anything in his power to keep her alive, even if it means giving up his life so she can live.

Want a book you can not put down until you read every last page? Pirates in Paradise by Linn Random is just that book. I said I would read a few pages and quit for the evening; what a joke! I never stopped reading until it was over. This is a Recommended Read, and you've GOT to get this one. It's definitely a keeper that you will want to read over and over again just for the enjoyment. You'll want to totally immerse yourself in this book.

Reviewed by: Wendi

Pirates in Paradise by Linn Random

Romantic Suspense


5 UNICORNS *****


Haley Rollins lived a comfortable life unlike her flamboyant twin sister Jenna. When Jenna calls her to meet her at a hotel that had seen much better days she goes as usually to help her out. Haley has always been there to help her sister out of the many troubles she seems to get into. However once she’s there and her sister left without giving her a reason a US Marshal knocks at the door mistaking her for Jenna. Forced to take her sister's place so that she can protect the sister that left her in this mess, she is taken into custody and taken to a safe house. However, it comes to that the house it was not as safe as it was believed.


Jack Morgan had witnessed a mob hit and taken into the witness protection program ending up in the middle of nowhere. He now runs a bait shop/boat rental/bar in Pirates Cove Florida, so unlike what he had before as a High-powered Las Vegas Hotel manager. When Frank Porter calls him in the middle of the night for a favor he jumps at it, anything can be better then what his life had become which is just boredom. Frank wants his help in protecting a woman that is on the run from her mob boyfriend. That is something that Jack does not want to get back into, I mean he just lost the life he had to the mob hit he had seen.


Now Jack needs to keep this woman that makes his heart race safe from her mob ex-boyfriend. How can he get himself into that life again? What will he do when he finds out that she is not the woman they thought she was and that the woman he feels these feelings for is single? Jack just knows that Haley is hiding something but can he get her to open up to him to maybe give themselves a chance with each other?


This book was not a surprise hit with me. I love this author so much. She writes a great and fantastic book that has it all. If you want a good romantic suspense, then this is the book for you. I so didn't want this story to end, I wanted the sex scenes to go on with the two, but she way she wrote it was still hot enough to get me to want to get my husband alone in the bedroom for a few hours. So thank you Linn for another GREAT read.


Reviewed By Nicole


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5 Fallen Angels

Pirates in Paradise
Pirates in Paradise delivers a riveting, action-packed plot that is sure to please fans of romantic suspense. Linn Random has taken the idea of identical twins switching places and empowered it with her own unique characters and events. In just over one hundred pages, Ms. Random has managed to fashion enjoyable characters with surprising depth and a fast-moving storyline. Haley is a woman everyone will be able to respect and enjoy, while Jack is a man that readers will come to love. From the first page the author builds tension, skillfully weaving the story with twists, turns and a few surprises, that maintains the suspense throughout. Never one to forget the romance, the author balances this conflict against the emotions simmering between Haley and Jack. This is a quick read that manages to engage readers immediately. The conclusion lives up to the excitement of the rest of the story and will have readers smiling at the end.

Reviewed by: Amanda

Pirates in Paradise earns 5 Blue Ribbons from RomanceJunkies.com

Pirates in Paradise
By Connie Spears
Aug 1, 2005, 01:05

Haley Rollins didn’t know what to think when her twin sister, Jenna, frantically called her.  As kids, Jenna was always the outgoing sister and getting into scrapes.  Haley was the quiet mouse.  She pulled into the parking lot of the motel, she started thinking the worse.  Knocking on the door, Jenna answered, pulled her inside the room.  Haley demanded to know what was going on.  Jenna couldn’t tell her anything at the moment, just that she needed her help. Jenna wanted Haley to be her for a few days then Jenna excused herself from the room, and told her to answer the door.  Let the adventure begin.


A knock at the door, it flew out of Haley’s hand and a SWAT officer, U.S. Marshals and few federal agents came into the room.  Haley’s eyes were wide open watching as they search the room making sure everything was secure.  What was going on? Where was Jenna? Who were these men?  Haley asked why they were there.  Frank Porter turned to Haley, told her she knew why they were there and that she was coming with them.  They had taken her to a ‘safe house’ still thinking that she was Jenna Rollins.  Haley looked around at her surroundings: marble flooring, king size bed, and a balcony to feel the tropical breeze.  As she stepped out onto the balcony, there was a glimpse of a figure running on the lawn.  Surely not she thought, this is a safe house, right.  Porter and others burst into the room, grabbing Haley and took off running.  They were under attack.  Jumping into the scarab, Frank gunned the engines, dodging bullets, and turned to look at Jenna (Haley).  Someone rolled over on you, Jenna. Haley was so confused she didn’t know who to trust or what to do.  Frank got on his cell phone and called in a favor.  They were headed to Biscayne Bay.  He pointed to the shoreline and a figure of a man stepped into the yellowing lighting.  Haley was introduced to Captain Jack Morgan.  Jack took one look at Haley and asked the question: “Are you worth it?”


Find out if Haley’s worth it.  Jack is about to find out. 


PIRATES IN PARADISE by Linn Random is full of action and suspense. The tropical breezes will transport you deep into the Florida glades as Haley and Jack run for their lives.  Lots of action and let’s not forget those love scenes.  Hot and steamy! The reader will not be disappointed by any means by this author.  As the reviewer, I wouldn’t mind seeing another book of this magnitude. A sequel perhaps?


© Copyright 2003 by RomanceJunkies.com

Pirates in Paradise

4 cupids

4.5 cupids
Reviewer:  Ulrike
Date:  October 2005

When Jenna is hunted by the Columbian drug cartel her twin sister Haley jumps in and goes into protective custody to give her sister the time she needs to arrange her affairs. After her hiding place is betrayed to the drug cartel and most of the FBI agents and marshals who protected her are killed Haley is entrusted to Jack Morgan's protection.

Jack Morgan, a dark, tall but bitter pirate looking hunk, is in a Witness Protection Program himself. The former manager of a luxurious Las Vegas hotel casino has ended up the owner of a bait shop, bar and boat rental in the Everglades.

At first Jack thinks Haley is the spoiled, unscrupulous but very beautiful and enticing lover of a Columbian drug lord. Haley, on the other hand, assumes Jack is after her sister's money so she didn't dare reveal her true identity in order to protect Jenna. Therefore, both don't trust each other. Nevertheless, Jack and Haley's attraction grows, especially when they discover by degrees their well hidden true selves. When the drug dealers come after Haley Jack is the only one who stands between her and her fate.

Linn Random wrote a fast paced race through South Florida and the feelings of her heroes. She delivers a very intense description of Jack's feelings who is embittered because of the loss of his former life and torn between his rejection of Haley and his increasing attraction to her. Haley is a very likeable character, a brave woman who tries to protect her twin sister and everyone else as much as possible. Linn Random very insightfully narrated Haley's inner conflict where she doesn't trust Jack and suffers from his misconception about her character. Nevertheless, she is sympathetic and can't prevent her fast growing feelings towards Jack. With the sparks flying from the beginning - even when Jack and Haley are surrounded from danger - and the surprising twists of the story, Pirates in Paradise is a suspenseful romance full of action which keeps a hold of the reader until the last line.













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