Lights, Camera, Murder!

Lights, Camera. Murder!

Just seventy miles north of Tampa, isolated on Florida’s Gulf coast, St Gabrielle Key offers McMasters Studio the perfect location for this third in a series of who-dun-its, one of television’s most popular reality shows. The location scout had had assured the production, it was the perfect place for murder!

Sage McCall is head of security of the popular reality TV show but a real-life murder is not part of the script. In Lights, Camera, Murder, Sage and Police Chief Jon Maddux must unmask a killer before being consumed by their own steamy desires.

The following is an Interview conducted by my beautiful and resourceful heroine, Sage McCall.

Sage McCall, Heroine of Lights, Camera. Murder!: I have a lot of questions but first, the book was written in 2001 and there was only one reality show on TV. Tell me how you came up with this idea?. Do you have a background in the film industry?

Linn: I don’t have a background in the film or television industry but my husband Chris used to be in the movie industry. He provided me with a lot of inside information. However back in 2001, there was only one reality show on Tv so there was a lot of research to be done. I loved the idea of a reality show then, and still do!

Sage: It’s an understatement to say that Police Chief Jon Maddux and I got off to a bumpy start. He did not want this reality show filming in his town and made sure we all knew it.

Linn: Jon knew the publicity from his popular tv series would disrupt his quiet little town so despite the attraction between you two, I knew you both were drawn to each other. It took a murder on set to bring you together.

Sage: Tell me more about the other characters in Lights, Camera. Murder!

Linn: It’s a big cast plus the contestants and production crew and of course the villain.

Sage: How did you keep the readers and myself in the dark about the villain until the very end? I know you have had readers and reviewers express genuine surprise when the villain was exposed. They loved it when they couldn’t figure out who the villain ahead of time!

Linn: I buried clues throughout the book so when the villain is at last revealed to the reader; the reader should have a satisfied ‘aha’ moment not feel tricked by the author with some unknown character or a villain who is revealed long before the reader reached the book’s end. I will never trick the reader with such a surprise.

Thank you for reading!

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