Pirates in Paradise

Pirates in Paradise

On the run from drug traffickers, US Marshalls and the FBI, Haley Rollins assumes her twin sister’s identity. Her only hope is a modern-day Pirate but can she trust him with her secret or with her heart.

Pirates in Paradise is an electrifying view into the world of drug trafficking in South Florida. This action-packed thriller takes the reader from the jeweled city of Miami to the treacherous Florida Everglades to Key West before heading to the exotic Grand Bahamas.

Pirates in Paradise promises cover to cover action for Jack and Haley as their sizzling romance steam up the pages of the sexy romantic suspense.

Tall, dark hair and ruggedly handsome, Jack Morgan exudes raw masculinity that crawls across the pages of this novel.

The following is an interview with Jack Morgan, hero of Pirates in Paradise and the Author-Me! Linn Random.

Jack Morgan (he grins and his sensual smile sets the tone): So, I am not exactly a good guy.

Linn Random, Author (laughs): You’re not all bad either. Before you wound up in the Witness Protection Program, you were a General Manager of a Vegas Hotel. You testified against a hit man and now find yourself in the Everglades running a bait shop.

Jack (a sensuous light flash in his warm brown eyes): Well, until Haley comes into your life. She lied about everything including her identity.

Linn: That’s true, but she was protecting her sister from one of the most powerful drug cartels in south Florida. To be fair, you have ulterior motives as well. Eight million of them.

Jack: How did you get the idea for this romantic suspense?

Linn: I had it for years. The idea of an identical twin being tricked into switching places with her sister. The setting is my home state, Florida. It was easy from there, I just added in a high-speed boat chases on the inland waterway, a couple of shoot outs with the FBI and drug cartel. I wrapped it up with a harrowing cigarette boat ride from Florida to the Bahamas. It all comes together in a romantic suspense titled Pirates in Paradise. Think Miami Vice on a romantic Midnight Run

Pirates In Paradise

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