Your Cheatin Hearts-2005 Readers Choice Award

Your Cheatin Hearts-2005 Readers Choice Award

Combine one hair brain undercover assignment, two bungling kidnappers and get the most eligible bachelor in town. It’s a recipe for disaster for pretty P.I. Shelby McGregor who always gets her man!

In this Blog, I let heroine, Shelby MacGregor interview me, Linn Random.

Shelby MacGregor, Heroine of Your Cheatin” Hearts: My first question is where did you get the idea for this book?

Linn Random, Author: I was at a writer’s conference, and my publisher asked me to write a comedy set in a small town. At the time, I was living in Hendersonville, North Carolina. The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains provided me a perfect backdrop for this book.

Shelby: You created a Lucille Ball comedy with a twist of Magnum P.I. How did you get the idea for this hilarious romp?

Linn: Years ago, a friend and I were joking opening a private investigation firm that specialized in cheating husbands. I suggested we call it Your Cheating Hearts after the old country song. Maggie came to me and is the catalyst that brings you and Jack together with some scene stealing comedy. Maggie is the real Lucy Ricardo but I visualized her as Ethel, Lucy’s loveable friend.

Shelby(laughs): Maggie is pure delight but I have to share in the beginning, I wasn’t sure Jack and I would ever get together.

Linn: That was the intent. You see to make a book a delicious adventure for the reader, the reader should be wondering the same thing. You will remember that you vowed never love again and Jack, because of his past, hates liars. Unfortunately, everything he knows about you is a lie.

Shelby: Yes, like the night I arrived at Maggie’s house seconds before Jack walked in the door. I could not believe Maggie had prepared an elaborate dinner for us and then told Jack I was the one who cooked it! I don’t know how to boil water!

Linn: Well, let’s not share any more hints about Maggie’s antics. That was only one of many. More to come!

Shelby: With so many surprises, dangers, kidnappers, danger, romance not to mention Maggie’s high jinx, I have to wonder, is there going to be a happy ending?

Linn (smiles): It’s a romantic comedy, of course. Readers will find a happy ending. Your Cheatin Hearts is a light-hearted comedy that allows the reader to experience love, romance, and fun. It’s a great read and won the Readers’ Choice Award in 2005.

Your Cheatin’ Hearts

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Your friend, Linn Random


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