Driving Book Sales

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Driving Book Sales

An Author’s Guide to Marketing and Promoting Book Sales

Once at a writer’s conference, I was asked, “How do I make my book into a bestseller?” I answered, “Easy, write a great book.”

She followed with a second question. “I’ve written a great book, how do I become a bestselling author?” I replied, “You must create interest and demand for your book through publicity and promotion. Publicity and promotion will drive book sales.”

Linn Random

The reality is at major publishing houses will give their A list authors the lion’s share of your publisher’s limited publicity budget. At most major houses there are less than 10 publicists for every 125 authors. The majority of the publicists are fresh out of college as the seasoned publicists have moved on to more lucrative positions else where or are devoted to their bestselling authors.

As a midlist or self-published author, it pays to learn how to do your own publicity. The good news is you don’t need to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars on advertising to see your book on the best sellers list.

This book provides you with information on how to do your own marketing and it explores opportunities in marketing, advertising, public relations and promotions.

This book will give you information on how to develop your High Concept, book blurbs and your branding. It will give you tips on how to shine at book signings and get those coveted appearances on television and radio.

There’s information on finding public speaking opportunities and how to drive traffic to visit your site through contests, newsletters and direct mail.

This work began as a lecture to Sisters in Crime with additional classes shared with the Florida Publishers Association, numerous chapters of the Florida Writers Association, the Mystery Writers of America-Sleuthfest and numerous online classes to include the Romance Writers of America. Authors, writers and attendees have asked me to put these classes into a book format and Driving Book Sales is the result.

Driving Book Sales was first released in 2007. A lot has happened since then and I am working on an expanded version of this book to include social media platforms and more promotional opportunities. Look for it in Spring 2019. Until then, please sign up for my newsletter or read my blogs. I’ll announce the next release date when its released!