The Business Side of a Spiritual Practice

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The Business Side of a Spiritual Practice

A Marketing and Public Relations guide for the Spiritual Business

A little over a year ago, I met with a group of Psychics who had just finished their Psychic Development Course. It was graduation day. They were gifted, trained and ready to start their respective spiritual practices.

I was delighted to speak to them. My subject was how to market and promote the spiritual practice.


As I spoke, the glitter in their eyes gave way to panic. It was clear to me no one had considered the practical aspects of marketing their new businesses and they were not sure on where to begin.

This book was written for everyone who wants to have a spiritual based business. This book will walk you through aspects of marketing, advertising, public relations and promotional opportunities online and in the real world.

This book is divided into four sections, Part One sets the stage by helping you build a strong foundation. In this section, you’ll find chapters that will help you examine your core beliefs and explore anything that might be keeping you from establishing your own successful practice. You will look at your beliefs about money and learn how to overcome saboteurs including yourself.

Part Two explores real world marketing opportunities. Chapters include but certainly not limited to creating your own brand, understanding what type of print materials you will need. You will examine promotional opportunities in public speaking, appearing on television or radio and how to shine at an event. You will learn how to deliver a perfect sales pitch and newsletter or direct mail campaign.

Part Three looks at the online world provides you with information how to promote yourself through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and as well as elements you will need to create a user-friendly website or series of online classes.

In Part Four you will learn to build your own Marketing Plan, prepare a budget and create your own promotional calendar. Part Four will also show you how to build your own success filled support team.

When I retired, the first time, I was National Director of an International Advertising Agency with host of international clients. I went back to work in the mid-90s as Executive Vice President of Marketing and Communications for an Internet start-up. I have been sharing the lessons for years and now they are ready for you.

Success is your birthright. You have been called to help others. I wrote this book to help you and support your every dream!